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SC del Sol understands that risk of exposure to communicable diseases can’t be 100% eliminated. However, in an attempt to maximize the safety of all participants, spectators, and staff we have compiled a list of Covid-19 Protocols. Implementing these protocols will require a coordinated and cooperative effort between SC del Sol, State Soccer Associations, participating teams, referees, coaches, players, and spectators. Please help us keep everyone safe and all the facilities open by reading and distributing to all tournament attendees. Thanks!

SC del Sol’s PDT COVID-19 Protocols

Our Covid-19 protocols strictly follow the directives issued to us by the various cities in which the Desert Classic takes place. Additionally, we will be guided by the CDC, Arizona Department of Health Sciences, US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, and Arizona Soccer Association. The cities have made it clear to us that they will close their facilities, without hesitation, if these directives are not being adhered to. It is the responsibility of every coach, player, referee, and spectator to follow these protocols without question. Failure to do so may lead to game forfeits and expulsion from the tournament.

Facility Attendance Protocols:

- Official City of Mesa facilities: Red Mountain, Quail Run, Eagles Park, have a 50-person limit at each field. Only coaches, players, and officials are allowed to enter these facilities. Spectators are not allowed in at any time, however, they will be able to view games from outside the facilities.
- Grande Sports World (Casa Grande): 2 spectators per player limit.
- Tumbleweed Park (Chandler): 2 spectators per player limit.
- Copper Sky (Maricopa): 2 spectators per player limit.
- For all facilities, there is a maximum of 2 team officials per sideline. For example either 2 coaches or 1 coach and 1 team manager. All team officials must carry their credentials.

Facility Mask Protocols - All Facilities:

- A mask or a face covering is required at all facilities.
- A mask our a face covering is required for all coaches, spectators, players, referees, and tournament officials.
- The mask or face covering must cover both the nose and the mouth.
- The mask protocol includes anyone with ‘Medical exemptions’.
- Anyone not wearing a mask or a face covering will be asked to leave the fields.

General Health and Safety Protocols - All Facilities:

-Anyone with the following symptoms must not enter any facility: fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of taste/smell, runny nose, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea.
- Before entering and leaving a facility follow proper sanitation & hygiene recommendations relating to hand washing.
- All players, spectators, coaches, and referees must practice social distancing of 6 or more feet at all times.
- Refrain from handshakes and any personal contact.

Check-In Protocols:

- Teams only have to check-in once which will be one hour prior to the first game.
- Each team must present a tournament roster with a signed copy of the tournament attestation.
- Player passes will not be checked.
- There will be NO write-in players at tournament check-in.
- Only one representative per team is allowed at the check-in. Players and additional team representatives/spectators will not be allowed in the check-In area.

Game Protocols:

- A maximum of 2 team officials per sideline. For example either 2 coaches or 1 coach and 1 team manager.
- Players and team officials must arrive and depart with a mask on.
- All coaches must wear a mask at all times, even while coaching.
- Substitutes must wear a mask on the sidelines.
- Spectators will sit on opposite sides of the fields from the players and coaches.
- No pre-game or post-game handshakes, high 5s, or exchanges that involve personal contact between players or coaches, or officials.
- Team talks should be short and concise and social distancing must be observed.
- Team huddles and goal celebrations must be avoided.
- Interactions with referees and match officials should only happen if social distancing is observed.
- Players, coaches, and officials should leave immediately post-game.

Positive Test Protocols:

- No player, parent, coach, or official can enter a facility if has tested positive or is awaiting a test result. If any attendee receives a positive test during the tournament, the Tournament Director must be contacted immediately.
- Tournament Director: Matt Evans 480.747.3771

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